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Nov 12, 2021 | Blog, News

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Oaksterdam University’s Luke Zimmerman, Esq., was featured in the recent High Times article “Do Cannabis Companies Face Consequences for Opposing Home Grows.”

The article discusses how some big canna-businesses see home growers as a threat, and how home growers are pushing back to maintain their right to cultivate plants.

Head shot of Luke Zimmerman

Luke Zimmerman, Esq.

Luke, a cannabis attorney and faculty member in OU’s Legal and Compliance Department, says home growing grants each person access to a unique relationship with cannabis.

“If everyone has a right to grow a limited amount of cannabis, it will be the final nail in the coffin for shifting the outdated paradigm of cannabis being a gateway drug,” he says in High Times.

Luke goes on to say he believes companies should embrace home growing so customers can understand the value of store-bought pot.

“I have grown for the past five seasons, and while I have learned a lot about the plant, what I am reminded of each year is that skills to cultivate quality cannabis take years to develop, especially if you are trying to cultivate for scale,” Luke says.

Read more about what Luke and other cannabis experts have to say about this issue here.

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