How to Host a Virtual Field Trip

Mar 23, 2022 | Blog

Students who take Oaksterdam’s courses get various networking and event opportunities, including Virtual Field Trips. The “trips” take students through a variety of facilities in the cannabis industry, led by experts in the field. For students, it’s a chance to see how a real-world canna-business operates, ask questions, and make connections in the industry. For businesses, it’s an opportunity to give back, educate the next generation of cannabis professionals, and build bridges with potential hires.

What is a Virtual Field Trip? 

A virtual field trip is an extracurricular activity offered to students and alumni from our certification programs. A field trip typically consists of a virtual facility tour and a Q&A session with the host, moderated by Oaksterdam staff. 

Facility tours help students develop their understanding of legal, compliant cannabis businesses. Tours also allow students to see how the concepts they study in their programs apply in real life. 

“We hope to show students a diverse range of businesses while showcasing industry best practices at different scales,” says Oaksterdam’s Elizabeth Bowen.

Tours are held via Zoom by the Oaksterdam Facilitation Department. A facilitator will be present throughout the event to assist the host with Q&A. Students may ask various questions ranging from facility design and operations to industry trends, careers, and more.

Photo of Lifted Spirit Grow Room

Oaksterdam students toured the grow facilities at Lifted Spirit Collective during a recent Virtual Field Trip.

Why host a virtual tour?

By hosting a virtual tour, you are helping to educate the next generation of cannabis legislators and entrepreneurs.  

“Virtual tours provide a window for people from all backgrounds and locations to see what a developed, and legal cannabis industry looks like,” Bowen says. “It is a unique opportunity to establish your business as the industry standard, introduce students to your values and philosophy, and promote your brand.”  

Who can host an Oaksterdam Field Trip?

  • Legal and compliant cannabis-related businesses such as cultivation operations, dispensaries, ancillary services, and more. 
  • A business focused on compliance willing to visually show and tell about its facilities and non-proprietary information with our students at no cost. 

What you get from us:
  • Free exposure to hundreds of cannabis enthusiasts, potential employees, regulators, etc.
  • We host the video call and provide a virtual event facilitator to moderate.
  • We record the trip, edit the recording and provide you with a copy for use.
  • We post a copy of the recording on our video gallery for students to view in perpetuity (thousands of potential views).
  • Social media shout out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you are a business wishing to host a virtual field trip or alumni who would like to attend, contact OU Lead Facilitator Samira Hasib at [email protected] or call us at (510) 251-1544. Alumni are welcome to reach out to Samira to join virtual field trips. 


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