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Photo of Jeff Hickey surrounded by cannabis growing
Faculty | Horticulture Department
Jeffrey Hickey


Jeffrey Hickey

Instructor: Home Grow

Jeffrey Hickey is a 2014 IPPY award-winning novelist, for his third novel, scary, man. He performed in more than 900 Reader’s Theater shows around the world that featured his authorship of adult novels and books for children. His accomplishments include a program of self-empowerment and effective oral communication, “Find Your Voice,” that he taught in public and private schools throughout Northern California.

Jeffrey began growing cannabis when his wife, Karen, became catastrophically ill with an autoimmune disease. He attended Oaksterdam’s horticulture program and saw the need for a curriculum focusing specifically on the DIY grower, with a focus on growing outdoors.

To address this need, he first wrote the 2020 Isolation Grow Blog, a detailed account of how he grows. He was then asked by Oaksterdam’s Natalie Darves to help develop the Home Grower curriculum. Jeffrey is the father of twins and arguably the happiest married man on the planet.


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