Oaksterdam University joins ICBC and Spannabis Partner for an Epic, Mega-Gathering in Barcelona

Mar 15, 2019 | News

In four short years, the International Cannabis Business Conference has become the world’s preeminent industry event, expanding along with the global market. Starting on the North American west coast (Portland, San Francisco, and Vancouver), the ICBC moved across the pond three years ago, holding its first European conference in Berlin, Germany. The ICBC is returning to Berlin for the third time for a huge event from March 31st to April 2nd, but before heading back to Germany, the ICBC is teaming up with Spannabis to form a superconference like no other in Barcelona, Spain, this March 14th.

Oaksterdam University focuses on cannabis education curriculum for entrepreneurs, investors and those seeking a career in cannabis business and horticulture. OU curates vital components for economic growth and job training for supporting small business needs, patient care, and medical research information, all with an imperative towards equity, criminal and social justice reform. An OU education not only earns you the most recognized certification towards applications but also prepares you to enter the cannabis industry in a way that is not just transactional; it is transformational. OU is excited to participate and consider this a timely opportunity to reconnect with our many Oaksterdam Alumni in Europe and to reintroduce ourselves to the European cannabis community.

Oaksterdam also works closely with government policymakers and regulators in local, state, and federal offices throughout the Americas. The Oaksterdam Office of Government and Public Affairs (OGPA) has provided training for elected officials, the staff of the United States Congress, many State and Federal Agencies responsible for regulating cannabis, and the governments of Jamaica and Uruguay, to name a few. We look forward to providing science-based, cannabis education for elected officials and government regulators in Europe in the future.

The ICBC will be bringing its trademark blend of politics, business, and culture to Barcelona for the first time, providing attendees with important information and providing the very best networking opportunities at the Auditori de Cornellà with an after-party at the iconic Hotel W, hosted by the great Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, the youngest son of reggae musical legend Bob Marley. Damian will actually close the conference programming with an interview conducted by former High Times editor, Steve Bloom, currently with Freedom Leaf.

Before Marley’s interview, where he will discuss his father’s legacy, his Stony Hill cannabis brand, and his GRAMMY-award-winning reggae career, ICBC attendees will hear from a cross-section of experts covering topics such as: Investment and Capital Markets, International Investing, Cannabis Social Clubs, Medical Cannabis in Spain, International Regulatory Overview, Mainstreaming of CBD, Cannabis Extracts, and Strategic Partnerships.

“Feria del Cáñamo (Spannabis) has been in the cannabis sector for more than 16 years and is much more than just a fair. The Spanish cannabis industry has more potential every day, and is taking firm steps to improve that Spain’s laws. Spannabis organizers believe that the time is right to offer reliable information on the economic potential of the cannabis sector and the viability that Spain would have to become one of the key countries in Europe,” stated Carlos Yerbes Gonzalez, co-director of Spannabis.

“We needed to collaborate with a leading company in the cannabis business sector, with experience also in Europe, and ICBC has all the knowledge to be able to make such an event in Spain. We have no doubt that our combined event will be a success and many of our attendees will be grateful to have a B2B (business to business) event of this quality,” Gonzalez continued.

“Spannabis is the meeting point for the entire European cannabis scene. It is a first and foremost a consumer event, however, many folks who attend are also looking for a B2B element. The ICBC’s partnership with Spannabis fills this gap and satisfies a clear need for major cannabis industry players to meet, network, to progress and advance the industry as cannabis laws are liberalized in Spain and across the continent,” stated Alex Rogers, Executive Producer of the International Cannabis Business Conference.

Founded in 2007, Oaksterdam University is America’s first cannabis college, with educational roots going back to 1995. With over 40,000 Alumni worldwide from over forty nations, OU has established itself as the world’s leading cannabis college. Since opening its doors, OU has been a forerunner in providing the highest quality and most comprehensive training available for the cannabis community and industry. Oaksterdam faculty comprises some of the most recognized professionals, attorneys, academics, activists, cultivators and entrepreneurs in the world. We also operate the only hands-on cannabis cultivation and training horticulture laboratory and continue to refine our curriculum alongside the evolution of the cannabis industry by updating our classes to reflect the needs of employees, employers, government regulators, and patients, including the addition of online courses.

The perfect location for the International Cannabis Business Conference, Spain is arguably at the forefront of the acceptance and growth of medical and adult-use cannabis in Europe. Oaksterdam, an amalgam of the first two cities to allow for sales, Oakland and Amsterdam, was founded on the principle of a patient’s right to access medical cannabis. The opportunities for positive growth in the cannabis industry are almost limitless. Driven by knowledgeable, professional business operators such as Oaksterdam University Alumni, these opportunities exist in multiple areas.

Barcelona has created a cannabis club scene that really has no rival and the ICBC-Spannabis team-up will create a mega-event unlike any seen before. For more information about the ICBC in Barcelona or upcoming conferences in Berlin, Zurich, and Vancouver, visit www.internationalcbc.com.