Self-Paced Courses

Our self-paced courses feature the same curriculum as our live classroom offerings, but you can complete the coursework on your own schedule. Lessons are based on the lectures of our world-renowned instructors and also feature additional in-depth coverage of the same topics discussed in our classrooms.   



This course provides a comprehensive indoor horticultural education and is designed for anyone looking to learn everything from seed to harvest.



Get certified with Oaksterdam University’s Budtending Online Course, the most comprehensive and valued education available for pursuing a Budtending career.

Economics Behind Cannabis


This course defines economic principles as they pertain to cannabis markets, which are heavily influenced by laws and regulations. The course then discusses the economic benefits and financial barriers the cannabis industry experiences.

Business of Cannabis Cultivation


This course reviews all the primary elements needed to launch and successfully run a commercial cannabis cultivation operation, covering a wide variety of topics such as cultivation science, design, financing, licensing, and regulations.

Horticulture Sample Class

This free course is designed to give you an overview of the Learning Management System (LMS) and provide you with a sample horticulture lesson for evaluation.

Business of Cannabis


This course is designed for anyone looking to learn about the cannabis industry and what to look for to start a business within the industry.

Cannabis, Pain & the Opioid Crisis

This course will discuss key concepts surrounding the safety and efficacy of cannabis for pain mitigation, and explore the emerging data demonstrating that cannabinoids may potentially act as either an effective adjunctive treatment or as a substitute for opioid-based medications.


This course defines advocacy as a form of marketing, reviews the role of advocates and organizations in normalizing cannabis adult-use by achieving meaningful pro-cannabis policy reform, and then provides strategies and techniques for engaging effectively as an advocate.

CBD & Hemp


This course will examine the science, trends, and regulatory landscape for hemp and CBD, and discuss how business owners can decrease risk while operating in a rapidly evolving market environment.