OU & Leafly Launch Budtender Day

Oct 6, 2021 | Blog, News

Oaksterdam University, America’s premier cannabis college, has partnered with Leafly, the world’s most trusted destination to discover and order cannabis products, to launch International Budtender Day on October 20. The annual holiday is designed to honor budtenders around the world who go over and above in this emerging profession.  

In honor of the first-ever International Budtender Day on Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021, Oaksterdam University has pledged nearly $8,000 in scholarships to its internationally-respected cannabis certification courses. Leafly’s hiring team is among many employers that recognize OU credentials as valuable employment qualifications. The scholarships will be awarded as prizes to Budtenders who enter to win an International Budtender Day kick-off contest through Leafly.com. Leafly is asking Budtenders to describe how being a budtender has made a positive impact on their life. For more information on the contest check out Leafly’s contest rules & regulations. 


 The grand prize: One $2500 scholarship to Oaksterdam University

 Nine Budtending Certification courses from Oaksterdam University

 500 very dope swag packs from Leafly


OU’s donation includes nine full-tuition scholarships to Oaksterdam’s Self-Paced Budtender Certification Program (each valued at $595); plus one grand prize full-tuition scholarship to a Live Semester Course of the winner’s choice, either The Business of Cannabis or Horticulture ($2,495 value). Five-hundred more Budtenders across the country will win Leafly swag packs. Leafly has gathered additional support for this holiday from influencers in the cannabis community, and big names like the Budtender Awards, Budtenders Association, MJBiz, and Tether Buds.

“Oaksterdam has always been on the forefront of the cannabis reform and education movement,” says OU Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones. “It’s only fitting we sponsor the first-ever International Budtender Day since Oaksterdam is credited with coining the term ‘budtender’ in the first place, and is the premier school to learn about budtending in the industry.” 

Oaksterdam’s mission is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the evolving cannabis industry. According to the 2021 Leafly Jobs Report, legal cannabis now supports 321,000 full-time American jobs. Since 2017, the industry has averaged 27.5 percent employment growth each year, outpacing all other industries. 

Budtending is an entry-level job that allows people to get their foot in the door of this fast-growing field, launching careers they are passionate about. Budtenders must offer unparalleled customer and patient service. They must be educated on cannabis effects and methods of ingestion, while providing a pleasant and entertaining dispensary experience. Budtenders also must be familiar with additional safety requirements unique to cannabis retail, such as product handling protocols, seed-to-sale tracking, and advanced security measures. 

Oaksterdam teaches all this and more in its Budtending Certification Program. The course includes cannabis history and policies; federal vs. state law; cannabis products and methods of ingestion; budtending foundations; customer and patient relations; cannabis dosing; cultivar selection; and advocacy. Upon completing the program, students receive Budtending Certification credentials that are respected by professionals industry-wide.