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Mar 25, 2022 | Blog, News

Oaksterdam University is proud to announce that we are the official Educational Partner of the National Cannabis Festival, set for Saturday, April 23-24, at RFK Festival Grounds in Washington, D.C. The event features concerts, vendors, food, fun, and the new National Cannabis Championship, celebrating the region’s best in homegrown THC and hemp.

According to NCF Founder and Executive Producer Caroline Phillips, the festival started in 2016 to celebrate progress on cannabis legalization in D.C. and across the nation. Phillips and a small group of fellow cannabis enthusiasts envisioned an event recognizing the spirit of the cannabis movement and the non-profit groups that have fought to end prohibition. There’s also a focus on diversity within the exhibitors and speakers who take the stage. 

“I wanted to create an event that was accessible and affordable to people in my community and genuinely welcome black and brown people,” Phillips says. “I think it’s an ongoing mission to amplify the voices and mission of black and brown voices in the cannabis industry.” 

After a hiatus due to COVID, Phillips says the festival is back — stronger than ever — with unique Veterans’ Pavilion and Senior Pavilion “for our buds 65 and up.” 

New this year is a culinary arts pavilion, and the National Cannabis Championship presented by Gentleman Toker with judging on April 24. Headline performers include Wiz Kalifah and Slick Rick. There are also five educational pavilions, with Oaksterdam University taking center stage. 

“We’re really excited to have OU alongside us and on-site to guide others in their cannabis journey,” Phillips says. “We want people on the East Coast to learn more about growing and to become the masters of their own grows.”

Phillips says the ultimate social equity is the ability to grow your own medicine, and Oaksterdam has long been teaching individuals to do just that.  Bringing in Oaksterdam and hosting the NCC to award great home growers in the region is the first step. “We definitely don’t have the history and experience of people on the West Coast, but we want to lay the foundation for people to think about how to grow cannabis, sustainability, and how to become educated customers,” Philips says.

Oaksterdam University forms educational partnerships with organizations that believe that education, advocacy, and access are vital to ensuring a safe, equitable cannabis industry.

“The NCF embodies this cause,” said Dale Sky Jones, Chancellor of Oaksterdam University. “It is natural for us to partner with NCF to build bridges with other advocates across America to push for cannabis to be descheduled and decriminalized across the country. The Oaksterdam team is looking forward to returning to the nation’s Capitol supporting NCF and the attendees of this fantastic event.”


To celebrate our NCF sponsorship, Oaksterdam University is giving away a prize package including:

  • 2-day general admission tickets to NCF and NCC awards show ($95 value).
  • 1 scholarship for full tuition to Oaksterdam University’s first-ever Home Grow self-paced online course ($420 value).

We are also giving growers involved in the NCC contest free tuition for the new OU Horticulture elective, The Final Stretch. The self-paced virtual course covers the final phases of cannabis cultivation, including how to care for plants in the flowering stage. With an emphasis on maximizing yields, the curriculum emphasizes techniques for harvesting, processing, and curing cannabis to finish with the best results from your months of investment.

Click here to enter to win.

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