OU Digital Art NFT Drop Goes Live on OpenSea

Aug 20, 2021 | Blog, News

Oaksterdam University is excited to announce that the public can now bid on digital art non-fungible tokens created to fight the 50-Year War on Drugs. Artists selected to represent OU’s first-ever Digital Art Contest with an NFT drop are live for viewing and bidding on the OpenSea platform. Artists from across the country entered the contest and five works were chosen by a panel of Oaksterdam judges.

Their art is available for bidding on OpenSea now through Sept. 1, 2021. OU’s NFT drop also includes the “Oaksterdam University 2021 Inaugural NFT Trading Cards 420 Collection” featuring a message by Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones

“We selected winners based on how well they conveyed the impact of Nixon’s failed War on Drugs,” Jones says. “This contest is our way to inspire creative thought about the devastating consequences of U.S. drug policy while dipping our toes into NFT technology and supporting artists’ entry into this exciting new medium.” 

The Chosen Artists Are:

Also Available: 

Bidding is open through September 1, 2021.

Learn more about the winning artists here. Learn more about the contest here. Bid on the art NFTs here.