City of Oakland – Transitioning to an Annual License Webinar


This course is part of the City of Oakland Race and Equity Program.

Each time an Oakland Verified Equity Applicant (“VEA”) applies for a new or follow-on Equity Grant or Loan; they will be required to take an Oaksterdam elective course or webinar and pass a quiz to show completion. This GRASS Elective or Webinar is free to the Verified Equity Applicant to pinpoint areas of interest or drill down to fill particular knowledge gaps.

Course Overview

Transitioning to an Annual License
September 7th, 2022⋅Wednesday 10:00 am – 11:30 am PT

The role of provisional licenses and how they differ from annual licenses are explored, along with the compliance requirements that must be met to receive an annual license. Application fees and state and local equity fee waivers will be presented, spotlighting the rules and regulations that guide equity-specific provisional licensing. The function of renewals with annual licensure will be examined in addition to the specific needs, by license type, required to transition from provisional to annual licensure.

SME:  Lauren Vazquez, JD



  • Understand the difference between provisional and annual licenses, and explain why businesses with a provisional license must transition to annual
  • Identify the requirements for applying for an annual license, including CEQA reviews,  labor peace agreements, and local approvals
  • Acknowledge the timeline under which social equity license holders must transition from provisional to annual and identify the “drop-dead” date for provisional licenses
  • Define annual license compliance requirements for retail, manufacturing, cultivation, and distribution license types
  • Recognize best practices for compliance requirements and filings 
  • Quiz


This is a NEW moderated expert webinar specifically for Oakland Equity Verified Applicants.


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