Horticulture Live-Fast Track Early Access

Horticulture Live-Fast Track Early Access

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The Early Access Course will grant you access to a free sample course with an overview of Oaksterdam’s Learning Management System (LMS) and the tools and resources you need for Oaksterdam’s upcoming Live Fast-Track classes. Students will retain access to the sample course for 365 days.

Classes for Horticulture begin September 25, 2023.


About Our Early Access Class

Whether you are exploring Business certification to launch a start-up, climb the ladder, build a career, or Horticulture certification to grow and increase your yields, Oaksterdam is here to assist you in pursuing your cannabis goals. Experience online cannabis learning with the Live Fast-Track Early Access Course.

Early Access Includes:

  • Semester Syllabi
  • Oaksterdam Success Guides
  • 3 Past Field Trips
  • Invitation to Oaksterdam’s Alumni Network
  • Personalized Tuition Credit”

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