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Raising Funds for Cannabis Businesses


In this course, we are going to examine the difference between debt and equity financing and explore the process of raising equity capital to launch or expand a cannabis business. We will also identify the key factors that investors tend to consider when they are vetting an investment opportunity, and outline best practices for pitching your idea to potential backers.

Arcview & Oaksterdam team up to give you insight into raising capital to grow your cannabis business

If you want to launch a business or expand an existing business, you will need some money to fund your plan. Unless you already have the amount you need, you will need to raise some capital from some other source that is willing to offer you financing. 

Lessons in Raising Funds for Cannabis Businesses:
  • Business Models and Corporate Structure
  • Financial Metrics for Fundraisers
  • Types of Financing — Debt Vs. Equity
  • Equity Financing Sources & Funding Rounds
  • Making the Pitch

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify the questions you will need to address from potential investors about your business model, the corporate structure of your business, your financial position, and any cannabis-specific operational challenges
  • Recognize the difference between debt financing and equity financing and discuss the limitations of debt financing in the cannabis industry
  • Understand the terms that are established in a shareholder agreement and identify some of the key types of equity shares/options a company can offer to raise capital
  • Identify the various sources of equity capital, recognize the typical progression of fundraising across several “rounds,” and discuss the importance of having an attractive exit strategy
  • Recognize the key elements of pitching your business plan to investors, including company valuation, pitch deck formation, and best practices for pitch delivery

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Course Instructor

Louis Han

The Arcview Group

Louis has served as an Arcview Vice President for over 5 years in strategic roles to include overseeing community education, internal operations and supporting cannabis company founders. He has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2014 as the founder of a California cannabis business and with The Arcview Group since 2015. He has vetted thousands of cannabis and hemp companies from around the world of which a chosen number have received $100M in investment capital.

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