December 20 – 22, 2019

Long Bay Beach Park
Negril, Jamaica

The Rastafari Rootzfest has a series of activities lined up for this year inclusive of seminars, expo, 3 nights of music, Ganjamaica Cup and morning beach yoga. The Jamaica Ganja Cup will include a dozen to twenty entries of exclusively Jamaican ganja judged, finally and significantly on its own terms, by local and international experts.

The event will have a music component each night and will climax with the Rastafari RootzfestTM Jamaica Ganja Cup Awards Ceremony that will celebrate Jamaica’s historical connection to ganja and announce the winners of the Annual Rastafari RootzfestTM Jamaica Ganja Cup Awards.


Rastafari Rootzfest Expo spans over 3 days, showcasing a wide assortment of cannabis related products, art, craft, Ital foods, natural products, fashion, jewel and cannabis regulatory agencies.


Representatives from Oaksterdam University, a renowned, accredited marijuana institute based in California, will conduct educational seminars on various aspects of the cannabis industry.


Reggae music will provide the soundtrack for the festival with two live concerts on Friday and Saturday night, daily acoustic performances and ganja tributes by top reggae performers.

Committed to educating the general public about the health benefits and business opportunities associated with marijuana.

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