Emeritus | Faculty
Sandy Moriarty

Faculty, Horticulture Department


Everyone knows about pot brownies, but not many know how to make them… and brownies are so old-school. Aunt Sandy has perfected more than 30 cannabis-infused recipes using her family’s favorite appetizers, entrees, and desserts. The secret to success is a process that changes the grass taste to a delicious nutty-flavored butter that Aunt Sandy calls 10X Cannabutter. It can be used to make recipes as diverse as lemon bars and roast turkey. Aunt Sandy shows readers how to customize the strength of the recipes to adjust the potency to their own needs. This is the first cannabis cookbook to consider health and special dietary needs for patients with diabetes and low carb requirements, as well as vegans. Quick American Publishing recently released Aunt Sandy’s Medical Marijuana Cookbook, a recommended read and official course book for Oaksterdam University, available at www.quicktrading.com