We have two required textbooks that you may purchase online or on campus


Marijuana Grower’s Handbook
Ed Rosenthal

Beyond Buds
Ed Rosenthal

10 Rules for Dealing with Police
Available on Youtube


Medical Marijuana Cookbook
Aunt Sandy

This Bud’s for You
Ed Rosenthal

The Cannabis Encyclopedia
Jorge Cervantes

Marijuana Medical Handbook
Dale Gieringer, Ed Rosenthal
& Gregory T. Carter, M.D.

Cannabis Pharmacy
Michael Backes

Marijuana is Safer
Steve Fox, Paul Armentano & Mason Tvert

Protect Your Garden
Ed Rosenthal

Marijuana Pest & Disease Control
Ed Rosenthal

Marijuana Garden Saver
J.C. Stitch
Edited by Ed Rosenthal

Marijuana Harvest
Ed Rosenthal & David Downs

The Emperor Wears No Clothes
Jack Herer

Cannabis: A History
Martin Booth

The Newbie’s Gudie to
Cannabis & The Industry
Chris Conrad & Jeremy Daw

The Cannabis Manifesto
Steve DeAngelo

Marijuana Horticulture Fundementals
K of Trichome Technologies

Organic Marijuana Soma Style

Marijuana Botany
Robert C. Clarke

The Cannabis Grow Bible
Greg Green

The Cannabis Breeder’s Bible
Greg Green

Teaming with Microbes
Jeff Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis

Teaming with Nutrients
Jeff Lowenfels

Teaming with Fungi
Jeff Lowenfels

The Cannabible
Jason King

The Cannabible 2
Jason King

The Cannabible 3
Jason King

The Big Book of Buds 1
Ed Rosenthal

The Big Book of Buds 2
Ed Rosenthal

The Big Book of Buds 3
Ed Rosenthal

The Big Book of Buds 4
Ed Rosenthal