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Tim Byars

Science & Therapeutics


Tim Byars is the PRESIDENT, and CHIEF EDUCATION OFFICER of Radicle Health, a Bay Area organization that helps patients, healthcare professionals, and retailers navigate the complexities of cannabis medicine.

Timothy is a researcher, writer, and curriculum developer with over 20 years experience writing, editing, and developing content. Prior to Radicle Health, Timothy co-founded The Agathist Collective, a consulting and delivery service that helped members—most of whom were seniors—use cannabis to treat chronic and age-related illness. Prior to working in cannabis, Timothy worked for 15 years for Oracle and PeopleSoft as an information architect, technical writer, and curriculum developer.

Timothy has a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Michigan. He is currently enrolled in the nation’s first Master’s program in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Timothy is also an instructor at Pacific College of Health and Sciences.