To keep up with the evolving cannabis industry and help students thrive in today’s market, we’ve updated our curriculum and course catalog with relevant, revamped class topics, discussions, course materials, and more at no extra costs.

We urge you to take advantage of the last two Horticulture and final Classic Business Seminars of 2018 (costs will stay the same for the remainder of the 2018 calendar).

Please note: Effective January 1, 2019, tuition will be increasing to reflect the additional value.

Protecting your unique ideas with an Intellectual Property attorney costs about $500/hour… NOT consulting an IP attorney could cost you everything. We know how vital it is to secure both your hard work and your premises, so we added two additional classes to the CannaBusiness Program: IP Law and Security.

These essential layers of security protection are to mitigate risk both inside, and outside your business.

The paradox between government expectations for commercial cannabis business compliance, and the realities of the federal banking system creates challenges in the areas of:

  1. Financial Security
  2. Public Health
  3. Public Safety
  4. Loss Prevention
  5. Conducting a physical security review of your business will assist you in evaluating crime risks and will enable you to augment your security program towards risk reduction.
  6. Performing a Risk Assessment can help prevent a crisis from happening.
  7. Field Trips

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