Live Classroom

Our live virtual classroom allows students to learn in real-time from anywhere in the world with just a laptop, tablet or smartphone and reliable high-speed internet connection

Business of Cannabis Semester


Course start date:
1/6/21 @ 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM PST
Classes meet every Wednesday for 14 weeks
Orientation Jan 4th

The Business of Cannabis program enables students to become responsible patients and employees, educated voters, prepared advocates & able business owners.

Horticulture Semester


Course start date:
1/7/2021 @ 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM PST
Classes meet every Thursday for 14 weeks
Orientation Jan 4th

Our Horticulture Semester provides the most comprehensive indoor and outdoor horticultural education & training available for the Cannabis Industry.

Course Information

Attend live-streamed lectures from our renowned instructors that feature live screen sharing and a whiteboard for sharing notes with the class. You will learn alongside your classmates, who you can interact with via live two-way audio and through the in-class chatroom. We even have emojis so you can raise your hand in class, give quick feedback, and express yourself.


Live Stream Video Lectures

Watch our world-renowned instructors give lectures in real-time and ask questions via chat or audio.

Interactive Audio

Raise your hand to ask the instructor a question or join in on a class discussion over our interactive audio channel.

In-Class Chatroom

Ask the instructor a question through the in-class chatroom function, which allows you to send a message to the entire class or just one person.

Live Screen Share & Whiteboard

Follow along with the instructor’s presentation on our live screen share, including a live whiteboard. 

Breakout Sessions

Collaborate with your classmates in real time in our breakout rooms, where smaller groups of students can gather to discuss the material or work on team projects.

Emoji Chat

We have emojis enabled so you can raise your hand in class, give quick feedback, and express yourself.

Here are the minimum recommended technology requirements in order to successfully participate in the live classroom.

Internet Browsers

We recommend the latest versions of either Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari. For authentication purposes, the OU Virtual Campus uses cookies. Please set your browser to accept cookies from our site.


Minimum: 5 Mbps download/1 Mbps upload; Recommended: 10 Mbps download/ 2 Mbps upload. OU classes use multimedia such as animation, interactive demonstrations, and videos. It is strongly recommended to have high-speed internet access such as DSL, cable, or satellite connectivity.


Current version of Adobe® Reader (free download). We also recommend getting a free Gmail account so you can use some of their additional services such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides.