Virtual Field Trip: Kin Slips

Mar 23, 2022 | Blog, News

Students who take Oaksterdam’s live courses get various networking and event opportunities, including Virtual Field Trips. The trips take students through a variety of facilities in the cannabis industry, led by experts in the field. 

This month, we’ve partnered with Kin Slips, a California company that makes sublingual strips. During the field trip on March 25, 2022, Chief Product Officer Joshua Kirby will lead OU students through the Kin Slips manufacturing facility and demonstrate how the product is made from beginning to end. 

We caught up with Josh to learn more about Kin Strips, and why the company chose to host a field trip with OU. 

The Kin Slips Flowerful line is packaged in tins with custom art work commissioned for each strain.

About Kin Slips

Kin Slips are small rectangular strips infused with cannabinoids that are placed under the tongue. Signature blends include varieties like Cloud Buster for creativity and focus; Float On for balance and tranquility; and Shut Eye for sleep and serenity. Its newest offering, Champagne Haze, is formulated with euphoric terpenes to foster connection and cheer. 

The company also offers a Flowerful line, the “world’s first single-strain experience in a tiny strip.”

According to Josh, Kin Slips has spent a decade on research and development to create a product that is discreet and reliable. 

“We really wanted to provide something that is almost like the anti-edible, for people who don’t want to smoke or inhale anything,” Josh explains. “Edibles take forever to kick in, they are usually full of artificial ingredients and sugar, and the dosing is hard to predict. Those are the key problems we’ve tried to solve with Kin Slips.”

The sublingual delivery system provides accurate dosage and potency. Josh says effects vary, but can come on in just 10 minutes, and last 2-6 hours depending on the user’s activity.

Students on OU’s virtual field trip will learn how the manufacturing equipment works at Kin Slips.

On the Tour

Kin Slips obtains extract from cannabis that is California grown, and uses all natural ingredients to create a product that’s vegan-friendly, sugar-free, non-GMO, and “always tasty.”

During the OU field trip, Josh will demonstrate how the company takes raw ingredients, turns them into sublingual strips, and packages them for sale.

“We’ll show the nuances of what goes into working in a manufacturing facility, the steps we have to take and the types of things that are important for product safety, consumer safety and employee safety,” Josh says. “We’ll show students what it’s like to work in this environment.”

Kin Slips Chief Product Officer Joshua Kirby

Why OU?

Josh said the company signed on to host a Virtual Field Trip because they’ve always been “big fans of Oaksterdam.” 

“Our original facility was in Oakland and we were part of that community. Oaksterdam seemed to be the center of bringing people into the Bay Area cannabis community and getting them really excited about it,” he says.

Josh says the Virtual Field Trip is mutually beneficial. It helps OU students while spreading the word about Kin Slips and benefits of sublingual absorption.

Moreover, Kin Slips just might find some future employees. Now based in Port Richmond, Calif., Josh hinted that a big expansion is on the horizon this year, and Kin Slips will hopefully be hiring. 

“If everything goes well we can increase our staffing level,” Josh says. “If we can make some inroads with Oaksterdam, that would be very valuable to us.”

To learn more about Kin Slips, visit

If you are a business wishing to host a Virtual Field Trip click here to learn more, or contact OU Lead Facilitator Ellizabeth Bowen at [email protected], or (510) 251-1544. Alumni are welcome to reach out to Elizabeth to join Virtual Field Trips. 

If you are interested in learning more about opportunities working in the cannabis industry and making creative products like Kin Slips, check out Oaksterdam University’s Commercial Extraction & Manufacturing Certification Program


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