Student Code of Conduct

For the safety and success of all students taking our program, we offer the Student Code of Conduct to provide a clear a statement of Oaksterdam University’s expectations regarding student standards of conduct, both academic and non-academic. Students are expected to obey all local laws, school policies, and regulations. Students may be subject to discipline for violation of these laws, policies, and regulations up to, and including, expulsion without refund. Please bring any issues to our staff members, as your health, safety, and student experience are very important to us.


There is no free parking until 6pm Monday-Saturday. Street parking will be metered or paid for at the ticket box in the middle of each block. There are several nearby lots and garages in the area as well. Pay very close attention to their signs including, operating hours. Please do not leave ANYTHING visible in your car. Please exercise caution when leaving your parked vehicle. In an effort to minimize car break-ins that do occur,  please do not leave your personal belongings in your vehicle, especially in plane site.

Attendance Policy:

Your class attendance is very important. It is worth 10% of your overall grade. Students may acquire no more than two absences. If you exceed this amount, you may not be eligible for certification. We encourage scheduling a make-up time with your facilitator for missed classes (if possible) and completing all mastery exercises. (See below)


You are required to check in at the front desk before entering the classroom. Please show your Oaksterdam University ID card or state issued photo ID, then sign your name on the class roster at the front desk. You will be considered absent if you don’t do this process correctly.


It is your responsibility to report to all classes on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be considered tardy. Two tardies are equal to one absence. Please be courteous to your instructors and fellow classmates and try to get to class early.


You are allotted a certain amount of time for breaks. You are expected to return back to class quietly and on time. Your Facilitator will release you for breaks and give you the return time. Please make sure you are seated before class resumes to prevent delays to the schedule, and to help prevent disruption during lectures and labs.

Make Ups:  

If you are late or unable to attend class, you must make up the lecture that you missed by scheduling a time with your front desk clerk or facilitator.

During your makeup appointment, you will watch a recording of the class you missed on an OU laptop. Labs and demonstrations are not recorded. We DO NOT ALLOW any video recording during your make up classes. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action.

Your first class make up appointment is free, however there will be a $20 fee per scheduled makeup class thereafter

We value your time as well as our own, so we ask that you please come prepared to sit through a maximum of 2 hours of viewing per makeup class. If you book more than one makeup appointment in a day, make sure you are available for the entire duration. We will allow for up to a 15 minute break between makeup classes.  

We require a 24 hour cancellation notice for all student makeup appointments. If you do not cancel a makeup class 24 hours before your schedule appointment, it will be considered a missed appointment and you will lose priority in rescheduling your next one, which could lead to the delay in finishing your course and certification.

Whenever possible, we will try to allow students to sit in on a live class for makeup.  This is only an option if we have the class you need already scheduled, and there must be open seats in the class.  

You will not receive credit on your mastery exercise until you make up the class. Students have three weeks to make up missed classes.

Oaksterdam Online and Mastery Exercises:

You will have mastery exercises (quizzes) for homework every week. Each one is due within two weeks of its associated class. Late exercises will be deducted by 20% in the master gradebook. The master gradebook is separate from the online one, as it includes factors such as extra credit and any deductions due to tardiness or absence.

Your mastery exercises and class materials are available on our online platform, Oaksterdam Online. You can access this at

You should have received an email to begin the login process; if you have not, please notify your Facilitator IMMEDIATELY. The exercises are released weekly, at the time and day of the week, timed from the moment you initially press the “Start Course” button. For example, if you have your first class on Wednesday and don’t click the “Start Course” button until the following Tuesday at 9:00 PM, you won’t have access to your exercises until the following Tuesday at 9:00 PM for the remainder of the semester. Thus, it is extremely imperative to start the course the day of your first class. You can do this as early as 12:00 AM.

If you feel uncomfortable with navigating Oaksterdam Online, please make arrangements with your Facilitator.

Extra Credit:

Extra credit assignments will be applied toward your overall homework grade.

Specific extra credit assignments will be offered during certain classes, however, the option for extra credit is always available to students.

For all extra credit assignments, you must complete an essay that may not exceed one full typed page, single-spaced (approximately 500 words – 12 pt font).

Below are ideas for extra credit prompts; you many come up with your own (get pre-approval!) as well:

  • Visit two hydro stores and compare three sets of nutrient products. Write a cost-benefit analysis on what you feel is best to use in a garden and why. Take human consumption into consideration.
  • Go to your favorite local advocacy group’s meeting. Prepare an essay on what was covered in the meeting, what you have learned, and what activity will result.
  • Participate in any activist activity related to the cannabis movement (i.e. volunteering, rallying, etc) for no less than two hours. Write a one page summary on what you did, what you learned from the people that you volunteered with, and how you would like to involve yourself in the future.
  • Attend a city council or county supervisors meeting focused on any cannabis related issue, and try to submit to publicly speak for 1-3 minutes. Write up to a one page summary on what you said, what you learned from the people around you, and how you would like to see the policy shape in the future.
  • Attend a regulatory meeting held by any state agency. Write up to a one page summary on what you experienced, what you learned from the people who attended, and how you would like to involve yourself in the future.

If you aren’t sure whether or not the topic you choose is appropriate or relevant, please ask your Facilitator.

Field Trips:

Field trips are not mandatory, and consist of visiting various cannabis related businesses. Your facilitator will inform you of the details for each activity once the arrangements are made. You may use these experiences as prompts for extra credit assignments.

While attending these trips, we ask that you conduct yourself in a professional manner as you would in class at the University. Protect your reputation and that of our school. Be on your best behavior, and respect their time and property please.


Students can potentially achieve:

  • Certificate of Attendance – Attend all classes (available by request only).
  • Certificate of Completion – In order to receive seminar certification, students must attend all classes, complete the exams and any projects.  
  • Certificate of Achievement – In order to receive full semester certification, students must attend all classes, complete weekly homework assignments, complete any projects, and pass the midterm (if applicable) and final exam.
    • Attaining Class Valedictorian earns a Certificate of Achievement with Honors. The Valedictorian is the student who attains the highest overall score in the class. In some cases extraordinary levels of valor and volunteerism will be considered for a certificate of achievement with Honors.

If you are applying for a job at a dispensary, our certification program will give you the advantage in the selection process over someone who has NOT received certification.  Certification shows that you have taken all of our courses and have proven that you have met our standards of knowledge in the cannabis industry. Semester certification shows a level of dedication, consistency, and usually enhanced comprehension.  Once you receive certification from us, you are encouraged to list Oaksterdam University under “Special Training.” Employers can then call and verify with us that you are a student in good standing.

Final Exams:

Final exams are due two weeks after the date assigned in order to be considered for class Valedictorian. We request that the final exams be turned in within 6 months of completing the course to be eligible for certification. There is a $50 processing fee once you exceed this cut off date. If you need additional help or time with your exams, please notify your Facilitator to schedule a time to come in. We are here to help you achieve your goals.           


It is of the utmost importance to honor the privacy of our students, many of which are patients.  If taking a photo with a consenting friend, we have concerns for individuals in the background. We encourage you to take and share photos before, between, and after classes, but please make sure there is nobody in the frame who does not wish to be in it. Ask permission from your Facilitator and anyone who would be in the frame.

Don’t forget to tag @Oaksterdam and #Oaksterdam!

You will be notified of any media days we may have planned with internal or external media teams. If you are uncomfortable with being photographed or filmed, please let your Facilitator know via email (for our record) and please say something to the facilitator on the day of filming to ensure your privacy.

Audio & Video Recording:

There is absolutely no video recording or picture taking allowed during class; photo taking of PowerPoint presentations included. We understand that students may need to listen to a lecture more than once to comprehend all of the material, therefore, we do allow for small audio recorders only.  The use of laptops, iPads, tablets, digital cameras, and any other electronics are strictly prohibited, unless special arrangements have been made prior to the start of the semester (i.e. medical reasons).  

Please keep in mind that electronic devices are prohibited in order to protect the privacy of our students, many of which are patients. The use of these devices in class can also be a distraction to fellow classmates.

We reserve the right to confiscate any unauthorized video or audio devices used during classes or make up sessions and we will destroy any unauthorized recordings. Devices will be returned after we determine it no longer contains any. You may also be asked to leave for the remainder of that class. If there is a second offense, we will ask the student to leave for the remainder of the semester with no refunds.  

Class Photographs:

Class photos are taken in the beginning of your lunch hour on the third or fourth week of each semester class. You will receive your printed class photograph, if you are in it, the following week, free of charge. Due to the privacy of our students, we ask that you do not post copies of them on social media platforms. You will have plenty of opportunities for sharable photos during the semester.

Class Samples:

We DO NOT give out samples for students to keep. All samples passed around during a class must be returned to the instructor after viewing. Please DO NOT take home samples passed out by the university staff and professors.  Oaksterdam University does not, and can not, dispense or sample any cannabis products to students.

We support all of our students’ talents, but, unfortunately, are not able to pass out any samples brought in by our students. If you would like to share samples with your classmates or staff, please offer them privately, away from the University.

Please do not bring any plant material into the Horticulture Lab, as you may unknowingly be cross contaminating pests, molds, mildews or disease to the Patient Garden. Please also be aware of materials that may be brought in on shoes or clothing from your outside garden. Wash your hands before handling any tools or plant materials!

Ingesting Cannabis:     

We have a responsibility to represent our cannabis community in the most responsible way possible. We have a good relationship with the city and our neighbors and we work hard to maintain that relationship. Please do not smoke anything directly in front of the entrance to the school, as we do not want smoke entering the building or to disrupt our neighbors. Smoking is also not permitted in the alley, next to the BART, or in the classroom. The use of vape pens in class is also prohibited. Thank you for honoring the Oaksterdam University Good Neighbor Policy both inside and outside the classroom.  

Disciplinary Action:

Oaksterdam University operates on a system of mutual respect between students, faculty, and staff. If a student is to violate any of the codes of conduct, disciplinary action will be taken. Depending on the severity, the offense could result in suspension up to termination of eligibility to continue through the semester course, and/or you may be banned from any future classes held by OU.    

Grounds For Disciplinary Action:

Students shall conduct themselves consistent with the Student Code of Conduct while on-campus or participating in off-campus activities, including but not limited to field trips and advocacy group meetings, regardless of location. Misconduct that constitutes grounds for disciplinary action includes, but is not limited to:

  • Acts of academic dishonesty, including cheating, tampering, fabrication, plagiarism, or assisting others in acts of academic dishonesty;
  • Obstruction or disruption of teaching or of the University’s educational process, administrative process, disciplinary procedures, or other school functions and activities, on or off school property;
  • Disruptive or abusive behavior, such as verbal harassment, habitual profanity or vulgarity, physical abuse, intimidation, hazing, or stalking of any member of the Oaksterdam community;
  • Vandalism, graffiti, or other willful misconduct which results in cutting, defacing, or other damages to any real or personal property owned by the University or a member of the Oaksterdam community;
  • Theft of school property, or property in the possession of, or owned by, a member of the Oaksterdam community;
  • Failure to comply with the directions of the Oaksterdam staff acting in the performance of their duties and/or failure to identify oneself to these persons when requested to do so;
  • Possession, consumption, sale, distribution, or delivery of any alcoholic beverage at the university, or at school sponsored or supervised activities, regardless of their location, unless authorized by college officials;
  • Possession or use of explosives, dangerous chemicals, or deadly weapons on district property or at a campus function;
  • Engaging in lewd, indecent, or obscene behavior on Oaksterdam controlled property or at a Oaksterdam-sponsored or supervised function;
  • Sexual harassment, sexual assault, or threat of an assault upon a student or member of the Oaksterdam community, on school property, or at a school sponsored or supervised function;
  • Willful or persistent smoking of any substance in any area where smoking or vaping has been prohibited by law or by regulation of the University.

In The Case of An Emergency:

If there is an earthquake and you are indoors, stay there. Quickly move to a safe location in the room such as under a strong desk, a strong table, or along an interior wall. The goal is to protect yourself from falling objects and be located near the structural strong points of the room. Avoid taking cover near windows, large mirrors, hanging objects, heavy furniture, heavy appliances or shelves. If you are outdoors, move to an open area where falling objects are unlikely to strike you. Move away from buildings, power-lines and trees. Please move swiftly, but do not run, towards the nearest exit. If an outside disturbance of any sort, such as a riot, were to commence in front of, or within a 10-block radius, of our University, please note that our school will lock the front entry doors with a roll gate and everyone will be asked to remain inside until we receive notice that it is safe to release everyone.

Please familiarize yourself with the exits of the building. If the fire alarm sounds, please immediately proceed to the nearest stairwell and exit the building. You will be allowed back in the building once the fire department has determined that there is no longer a danger.