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How to Extract 99% Pure THCA “Diamonds”

How to Extract 99% Pure THCA “Diamonds”

IN THE NEWS: OU Extracts & Manufacturing Co-Chair Anthony DeMeo published an article in Extraction Magazine on how to make THCA “diamonds.” Find it here.

Faculty Feature: Anthony DeMeo

Faculty Feature: Anthony DeMeo

As a “master alchemist” and co-chair of Extraction and Manufacturing at Oaksterdam University, Anthony DeMeo isolates prized components of cannabis in the lab and teaches others his time-tested techniques. Here, Anthony talks with OU about his background in cannabis and his vision for its future.

FECO, Distillate & Isolate: What’s the Difference?

FECO, Distillate & Isolate: What’s the Difference?

Full Spectrum Oil, Distillate, and Isolate. These three terms are used throughout the cannabis and CBD industries, but are often misunderstood. Here, OU Extracts & Manufacturing Co-Chairs Anthony DeMeo and Stefanie Gangano, Ph.D. explain.

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Our students benefit from an unmatched educational experience, learning from the world’s most respected cannabis professionals and surrounded by peers with a wide array of backgrounds, perspectives and talents.

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“As I started learning more about this plant I took a crash course at Oaksterdam University … and I’m a licensed patient consultant right now.”

"Highly recommended and an excellent value for anyone wanting to enter this industry"

"The quality of instruction is what impressed me most about these courses. That, and the quality of networking and social interaction with the other students."

"The level of education you receive is outstanding. So happy with the staff, the networking, experience, and professionalism that I experienced at Oaksterdam."

"The experience was amazing. I have a much better understanding of the industry and where I would like to get involved."

"In the last 10 years, OU has been the pioneer for Cannabis education. I cannot believe how many successful and knowledgeable professionals today that started at Oaksterdam."

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