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Attend live-streamed lectures from our renowned instructors that features screen-sharing and a whiteboard for sharing notes with the class. Learn alongside your classmates and interact via two-way audio and in-class chatroom.

Budtending Online Course

A career in cannabis and hemp may be right for you! See how you can cultivate your career in cannabis with OU’s Budtending Program

2020 Isolation Grow Blog

Oaksterdam Alumnus Jeffery Hickey blogs his 2020 isolation grow, demonstrating methods and techniques acquired in our Horticulture courses

Great Moments in Weed History

Oaksterdam’s Weed Mayor

Oaksterdam University Founder Richard Lee was recently featured on the Great Moments in Weed History podcast!

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Our horticulture and business courses are crafted by the entrepreneurs who shape the industry and the advocates who launched the medical cannabis movement — offering students leading-edge education with a historical context that no other school can match.

What We Offer

Our students benefit from an unmatched educational experience, learning from the world’s most respected cannabis professionals and surrounded by peers with a wide array of backgrounds, perspectives and talents. 

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our cross-disciplinary course offerings cover every aspect of the industry, from cultivation to business to public policy

Realworld Projects

Apply your skills in exercises based on real-life scenarios that prepare you for a career in cannabis

Grow Demos

Watch master cultivators demonstrate proven cultivation techniques in both live and on-demand video

Resources for Success

We offer a range of tools to support your educational goals, including progress tracking, mastery exercises, and dedicated student support staff

Certification Program

Demonstrate your skills and knowledge with an OU certification, which is widely recognized among employers in the cannabis industry

Job Board

Students and alumni have access to our cannabis industry job board, which contains exclusive career opportunities

What Our Students Are Saying

"Highly recommended and an excellent value for anyone wanting to enter this industry"

"The quality of instruction is what impressed me most about these courses. That, and the quality of networking and social interaction with the other students."

"This is an amazing movement to take part in. The level of education you receive is outstanding. So happy with the staff, the networking, experience, and professionalism that I experienced at Oaksterdam."

"The experience was amazing. The Staff members lectures were informative and interactive. I have a much better understanding of the industry and where I would like to get involved."

"In the last 10 years, OU has been the pioneer for Cannabis education in California and the forefront of a powerful movement with the legalization of cannabis. I cannot believe how many successful and knowledgeable professionals today that started at Oaksterdam. "

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