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Autumn 2019

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5 Cannabis Moms Who Changed the Game

Ann Lee is a lifelong conservative and Texan, who has been a leader and activist in the Republican Party since 1970. In 1990, her 28-year-old son Richard Lee was injured in a workplace accident that left him a wheelchair-bound paraplegic.

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Modern Grower Interview with Oaksterdam University on High Education

Modern Grower sends Felix Fang to cannabis college! Fang gets the lowdown on higher education going on at Oaksterdam University.

Inside the College for Budding Weed Entrepreneurs

VICE’s Erica Matson spent a day at Oaksterdam University, America’s first cannabis college where they cover everything from the business side to the science side to the legal side of weed. It’s one of a handful of schools around the country offering a marijuana education for people hoping to enter the growing cannabis industry.

Alumni Interviews

Alumni Interviews

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