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Oaksterdam University is a trusted source of information on all facets of the cannabis industry for news outlets around the world.

A Trusted Source for Media 

Oaksterdam University is America’s first and finest cannabis college. We are a trusted leader in cannabis education and certification, and a strong voice in the continuing fight for legalization.

Oaksterdam is often in the news, from cannabis trade publications to mainstream digital, print, radio, and television around the world.

Our faculty are called upon as expert sources, and our Cannabis Terminology Style Guide sets the standard for talking and writing about cannabis from academia to the press.  

Expert Sources & Speakers

Oaksterdam University can provide expert speakers and sources for your cannabis coverage. If you are a journalist working on a story about cannabis, or you are looking for a cannabis expert to speak at your live or virtual event, please contact us.
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Resources for Journalists

More media is reporting on cannabis than ever before, requiring common-use definitions of the terms and concepts core to writing about its complexities. Oaksterdam University offers resources for journalists to ensure common style standards for writing about this subject.

Oaksterdam Cannabis Terminology Style Guide

Oaksterdam Cannabis Content Review Service