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Our Admissions Department is committed to recruit, admit, and assist a diverse group of students, fostering a vibrant educational atmosphere that provides a memorable and impactful learning experience.

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Oaksterdam Admission
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Oaksterdam University Certifications are recognized and trusted worldwide, providing students multiple career paths and networking opportunities.

We Offer Certifications in the Following Courses:


Get in on the ground floor at a dispensary and share your passion for the plant with a focus on health, wellness, and customer service.


Launch a start-up, climb the ladder, build a career, or better serve clients with a deep dive into everything you need to know.


Learn to grow and increase your yields as experts in the field share their time-tested secrets and answer all the questions you have.


Set up and run a safe and compliant lab to extract precious cannabinoids across a wide variety of consumer focused products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Certification?

More and more employers in the cannabis industry are demanding verifiable knowledge or experience from prospective employees. A certification from OU gives you both — our curriculum offers instruction on a broad range of subjects critical to success in the cannabis industry and hands-on projects based on real-world scenarios that students will encounter in their career.

Will employers really value Certification?

OU is the first cannabis college, and has long been one of the most recognized names in industry education and training. Employers who are familiar with the academic rigor and learning opportunities we offer know that a certification from OU signals a high degree of knowledge and skill across a range of cannabis-related topics.

What companies hire graduates of OU’s Certificate programs?

We have certified OU graduates working for well-known cannabis companies around the world. Certificate holders work in a wide range of roles within the industry, from cultivation and extraction to marketing and strategy. Students who have completed coursework at OU can also be found at regulatory agencies and leading advocacy organizations.

How can potential employers verify my Certification?

You can provide our main phone number, (510) 251-1544, to verify that you are an alumni in good standing. Students will also be able to print a certificate of completion that affirms their successful fulfillment of all program requirements, including relevant course reading, homework, class projects, quizzes, and final exams. 

What do I have to do to earn my Certification?

You must complete all of the requirements:

  • Complete all modules
  • Pass all learning assessments
  • Complete the Student Class Project (if applicable)
  • Complete reading assignments and mastery exercises
  • Pass exams with a 80% score or higher
How can I attend classes through Oaksterdam?

Our classes are currently offered online, either Live Semester or Self-Paced. Live Semester classes meet in real time over a 17-week period and include networking, a hands-on Class Project and opportunity for virtual field trips and Q&As. Our Self-Paced classes include the same texts and resources, but can be completed anytime within 180 days.

Order a Certificate

Upon successful completion of an OU Certification Course, you can download your certificate instantly. You also may order a printed certificate.

*Certificates requested more than six months after the last day of your program cost $50.

Government & Public Affairs


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