In the News: OU & CT Equity Program

In a recent article by Jordan Nathaniel Fenster in the CT Insider, Dale Sky Jones, the executive chancellor of Oaksterdam University, discussed the school’s involvement in Connecticut’s small business accelerator program for social equity license holders in the cannabis industry.

Jones explained the origins of the school’s name, which was inspired by the founders’ observations of the successful cannabis industry in Amsterdam and Oakland’s status as the first U.S. city to allow medical cannabis sales.

Regarding the program, Jones emphasized the importance of providing guidance and support to participants, saying, “Sometimes we’re just a cheerleader or simply holding their hand and saying, ‘Wow, this is hard. It’s OK to feel overwhelmed.’ And just keep them holding on to get through that hump. ‘Don’t give up. Just get to the next goalpost, and we’ll get through it.’”

Oaksterdam University was selected by Connecticut officials, along with Hartford-based reSet, to provide technical assistance and education to social equity license holders in the state’s cannabis industry. The year-long, $1 million contract has already begun with 32 participants enrolled in the nine-month program.

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