Alex Stratienco

May 18, 2017

Morning Horticulture Semester
May 5 – August 4

My name is Alex Stratienco, I’m 22 years old, I’m from New York and for many years now it has been a dream of mine to attend Oaksterdam University in hopes of becoming part of the growing medical marijuana industry. Growing plants has always been a passion of mine and something that has always come naturally to me.

Since I was young, attending Oaksterdam University seemed like nothing more than a pipe dream. I slaved away at a dead end job until I saved up enough money to go across the country and follow my life’s calling. I would like to take my newly acquired knowledge and certificate back home to New York to get my foot in the door with the newly budding marijuana cultivation facilities and grow with the masters.

Studying at Oaksterdam has helped me in so many ways. Getting to work hands on with live plants makes all the difference when learning this field. Taking the semester class has shown me how involved the ins and outs of the industry are and gave me a deeper appreciation for the business. I’ve learned a lot these past 14 weeks including techniques that I had no knowledge of and more in depth explanations of practices that I would use regularly.

I would tell prospective students to definitely attend and to milk the opportunity for everything its worth. No amount of books or videos can equal the level of in depth knowledge provided at this institution. And as soon as I save up more money I’m definitely coming back to further my education even more, because life isn’t worth living if you don’t follow your dreams.

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