Rachel Jacobson

Classic and Horticulture Semester: Spring 2016

Why have you attended Oaksterdam?
I attended Oaksterdam University because I believe that the cannabis plant was put on this planet for human beings to utilize and that it has the potential to change the world. I stumbled upon Oaksterdam’s campus video on their website about two years ago and everything they said I supported and believed so strongly in, so I made it my mission to move from Minnesota after I graduate high school out here to Oakland, California to attend this unheard-of, fascinating school!

How has it helped or inspire you?
Oaksterdam has both helped and inspired me in many ways. I’ve learned so much about cannabis and the industry as a whole all thanks to Oaksterdam because no one else would ever take the time and energy out of their day to educate me on all of these very real and important matters. I’ve learned everything from taking cuttings from a mother plant, to advocating for pro-cannabis politicians, to making cannabis infused butter, all in a short, 14 week course! All of the instructors and staff are such intellectual, compassionate, and experienced individuals, and to be able to surround yourself with those kind of like minded people creates such an upbeat, proactive environment.

What would you tell prospective students?
I would highly recommend Oaksterdam University to anyone who has the slightest interest or curiosity about this new, flourishing industry. There are so many different routes to go that you can take, and Oaksterdam will introduce you to all of them, as well as give you the opportunity to network with other like minded individuals in the industry.

Natural Cannabis Company – Oakland Organics
Natural Cannabis Co. is a collective of patients and cultivators that provide some of the best quality cannabis in Northern California. I am a bud tender at the Oakland location, but there are also two other locations in Santa Rosa and Hopland.


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