Faculty | Subject Matter Expert
Andrea Unsworth


Andrea Unsworth, owner of Tulip & Oak Consulting, is a California native and has lived in the Bay Area for over 13 years. Her background is in Finance and Operations; she received her Bachelors from UCLA and her MBA from USC.  

Andrea has a strong finance background, most recently as a bond analyst for Moody’s Investors Service where she rated Municipal Bonds for local governments in California and the West. In 2014 she operated a cannabis delivery service in 2014 in the city of Oakland called StashTwist. 

In 2015, she led the Bay Area chapter of Women Grow, and was a co-founder of Supernova Women.  

From 2019-2021, Andrea was the General Manager of Operations for People’s Remedy, and was then the Director of Compliance for Hummingbird Verde, a manufacturing and distribution company in Oakland.

Currently, Andrea is the General Manager of Lemonnade Union City, a Cookies-owned storefront dispensary.  She is also a board member of the Oakland Equity Collective, a shared-kitchen and white-labeling facility that supports a cohort of Social Equity operators for 18 months at a time.