Co-Chair | Extracts & Manufacturing | Faculty
Anthony DeMeo


Anthony, founding member of Green Therapeutics LLC, based in Las Vegas, Nevada is a 5 year licensed cannabis operations veteran. He works with multiple businesses to develop robust operating procedures, and secure licensing. He has been awarded medical and retail cannabis licenses in multiple states (Production, Cultivation, Distribution, and Dispensary), and created a formula for a successful cannabis manufacturing operation. He comes with ample experience from a very highly regulated medical industry and has extensive experience in laboratory science, quality control procedures, developing optimal process flow, and writing standard operating procedures.

Anthony has worked with a majority of the cannabis extraction methods, including various solvents, ice water, and mechanical separation. He also has developed and optimized post processing techniques to produce high quality concentrates, distillate, and isolate. New instruments are being created every year, and Anthony enjoys getting his hands dirty to determine if they are viable for commercial operations. 

In 2019 Green Therapeutics was awarded 4 High Time Cannabis cup awards for their Tsunami Labs line of concentrates, sweeping the entire cup. The awards are 1st place Indica Concentrates, 1st Sativa Concentrates, 2nd place Hybrid concentrates, and 3rd place Vape Products. 

Outside of the cannabis industry Anthony began his professional career in radio-pharmaceutical manufacturing where he was responsible for synthesizing and purifying radioactive isotopes and compounding the isotope into an imaging drug. He transitioned to a quality control analyst where his primary role was to ensure the intravenous drugs were safe for human injection.