Cannabis Salaries: Budtending, Retail & Sales

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Now that cannabis is becoming legal across the country, a slew of new jobs are cropping up for people who are passionate about the plant. The cannabis industry is poised to top $35 billion in annual sales and support 500,000 full-time jobs in the U.S. by 2024, according to the 2021 Leafly Jobs Report

Budtending is a great entry point to the industry. Budtenders work on the “front lines,” educating customers and patients and assisting them in finding the products they need. 

If you enjoy cannabis, helping others, staying on top of trends and research, and working in a fast-paced environment, a budtending job may be for you.

Here are some insights from the 2022 Cannabis Salary Guide released by CannabizTeam Worldwide, related to budtending and the jobs it can lead to in the cannabis retail and sales sectors: 

    • Budtenders are expected to make a median salary of $41,500 in 2022, up 5 percent from 2021. 
    • At the low end, budtenders make $36,300; at the high end they earn $46,700.
    • Cannabis salaries rose 4 percent on average in 2021.
    • Budtending jobs are a great stepping stone to other positions in cannabis retail and sales.
    • Dispensary Manager — a natural next step in a budtending career — is among eight of the hottest jobs in the cannabis industry singled out in the report.

Here’s a snapshot of salaries up the cannabis sales and retail ladder:

Budtender $41,500
Brand Ambassador $46,800
Sales Representative $64,400
Territory Sales Manager $85,050
Area Sales Manager $103,100
Director of Sales $133,900
VP of Sales $158,950
Chief Revenue Officer $222,000


Assistant Dispensary Manager $71,550
Dispensary Manager $93,900
Area General Manager $107,000
Director of Merchandising $147,500
Director of Retail—Multi State $143,250
VP of Retail—Multi State $215,790

Source: CannabizTeam Worldwide, 2022 Cannabis Salary Guide

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