Cannabis Terminology
Style Guide

Defining the Industry

Cannabis Terminology Style Guide

Cannabis Terminology Style Guide

As the cannabis industry grows, it is more crucial than ever to get on the same page with the language we use to describe it.

Words matter.

Proper terminology is important not just for media professionals and academics, but anyone in cannabis leadership or looking to launch a career in the industry.

Yet, there have been no common style standards for cannabis — until now!

Oaksterdam’s Cannabis Terminology Style Guide outlines proper definitions, grammar, usage, and more.

Compiled by the world-renowned faculty of Oaksterdam University, this pocket guide features:


  • Instructions on when and how to use the terms “hemp” vs. “marijuana” vs. “cannabis”
  • How to correctly use culture- or industry-specific terminology
  • The difference between prescription and recommendation
  • Help to navigate the slang terminology used to sell hash products
  • And much more …


“I’ve been navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis industry for years, and I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to use the right language. The Oaksterdam Terminology Style Guide is an absolute game-changer. With clear-cut definitions, proper usage guidelines, and industry-specific insights, the Guide has helped me craft compelling narratives and communicate effectively about cannabis. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or just starting, the Guide is an invaluable resource every cannabis enthusiast or professional should have in their toolkit. Kudos to the experts at Oaksterdam University for this indispensable contribution to our industry!”

David Paleschuck

Bestselling Author & Cannabis Consultant

Cannabis Terminology Style Guide

Cannabis Terminology Style Guide

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Cannabis Terminology Style Guide

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Cannabis Terminology Style Guide Contributors

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Angela Bacca, MBA

Angela Bacca has been covering the cannabis industry for over 15 years. She has authored hundreds of articles, edited and/or co-authored nearly a dozen books, and edited various online and print cannabis-centric publications. She has focused on cannabis economics, politics, science, horticulture, cultural issues, non-cannabis herbalism, and complementary and alternative health topics.

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Dale Sky Jones

Dale Sky Jones is the president, CEO, and chancellor of Oaksterdam University. Dale created the blueprint for cannabis reform as the spokeswoman and legislative liaison for the first statewide legalization effort, California’s Proposition 19 (2010). Since then, she has served as Chairwoman of the Board for the diverse Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, whose efforts led to the passage of California’s Proposition 64 in 2016. She is a founding board member of the Cannabis Media Council and the National Cannabis Industry Association, currently serving as the NCIA’s Education Committee chair.

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Wensdy Von Buskirk

Wensdy Von Buskirk is a lifelong journalist and editor who has covered a wide variety of topics for TV, radio, print, and digital media. She writes about the cannabis industry in Michigan for MiCIA Magazine and covers the industry nationally as a communication specialist for Oaksterdam University. She has also written a memoir about her life with the plant.

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