Emeritus | Faculty
Chad Gilmore


Chad got involved in 2002 when he came to work at the Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative (OCBC). Chad is on the Board of Directors for the OCBC, now known as The Patient ID Center. Chad manages the hemp store, containing healthy assimilation devices, growing tools, as well as accessory items, all to be made of hemp or produced for cannabis and hemp technologies. He has focused his efforts on advocating information and education to patients.

Chad works with the Medical Cannabis Association, a trade organization to help network organizations and groups all focused on providing safe and healthy cannabis to patients. Chad graduated with a business accounting background but has always been into the science of chemistry and physics. In his spare time, he enjoys playing competitive tennis and teaching tennis lessons. When he has a little extra time to play, Chad finds turning to surfing, skydiving, scuba diving, and rock climbing always gets the heart pumping.
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