Faculty | Subject Matter Expert
Chris Eggers


Chris Eggers was a police officer for over 12 years in Oakland and San Francisco. He received extensive training from Police Officers Standard and Training (otherwise known as POST) regarding cannabis consumption, regulation, and compliance. Chris spent extended time working undercover for the Oakland Police Department, focusing on identifying and investigating violent offenders. This experience has allowed him to understand security deficiencies that offenders exploit. Eggers has vast experience supervising civilians, documenting performance, and instructing on security best practices. 

As a private security consultant, Chris has worked with various cannabis license types and has conducted dozens of security assessments of commercial properties and businesses. Additionally, Chris is a member of the International Cannabis Bar Association, Rotary International, and ASIS and has been invited to speak to multiple cannabis organizations about safety, security, and compliance. He currently holds a valid private investigator license issued by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.