Course Catalog

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Class TitleClassic SemesterClassic SeminarHorticulture SemesterHorticulture Seminar
Class TitleClassic SemesterClassic SeminarHorticulture SemesterHorticulture Seminar
Methods of Ingestion: Cooking with Cannabis
Site Selection
Legal 101 - Federal vs State Law
Horticulture 101 - Growing Safely and Responsibly
Civics 101
Politics and History of Cannabis
Lab - Seedlings, Transplanting and Topping
Lab - Nutrients and pH: Measuring, Mixing and Adjusting
Lab - Mothers and Cuttings
Lab - Sprays, Drenches and Compost Teas
Lab - Manicuring, Drying and Curing
Grow Demonstration Late Flowering
Grow Demonstration - Pests and Pathogens
Grow Demonstration - Nutrient Disorders
Grow Demonstration - Flowering
Grow Demonstration - Ways to Water
Grow Demonstration - Mediums
Grow Demonstration - Vegetative Growth
Grow Demonstration - Lighting
Grow Demonstration - Transplanting Clones
Grow Demonstration - Seeds
Know Your Rights workshop
Intellectual Property
Horticulture 102
Cannabusiness 102 - Legal Business Structures
Business Management
Dispensary and Business Operations
Procurement and Allocation
Budtender and Patient Relations
Economics 101
Science of Cannabis
Methods of Ingestion - Topical Applications
Methods of Ingestion - Extracts and Vaporization
Irrigation Systems
Strain Selection
Land Preparation
Basics of Soil Science and Organics
Harvesting Strategies
Late Flowering
CO2 Supplementation
Organic Gardening
Pests and Pathogens - Prevention and Treatment
Electrical Safety and Load Calculations
Nutrient Disorders
Anatomy and Physiology of the Cannabis Plant
Life Cycle Fundamentals
Conditions for Optimal Growth
Plant Propagation
Equipment Overview
Early Flowering
Methods of Irrigation
Nutrients and pH
Vegetative Growth
Seeds and Cuttings

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