Dale Sky Jones Discusses Mississippi Dispensary Worker Training on WLOX

Screen Shot from WLOX newscast with Dale Sky Jones

Oaksterdam University Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones appears on WLOX-TV Biloxi to discuss the university’s new training for Mississippi medical cannabis dispensary workers. The appearance comes on the heels of the first adult use cannabis dispensaries opening in the state.

Veteran News Anchor David Elliott interviews Dale about how the world’s first cannabis college has launched a self-paced, online training program exclusively for Mississippi. The 5-hour course is approved by the state and fulfills the state’s certification requirements. It is designed for individuals seeking a career in cannabis, as well as employers who need to ensure their staff is knowledgeable and compliant with state law.

“The dispensary worker is the front-line individual … the connection point between the patients and their medicine,” Dale said, adding that training is extremely important in the industry for human health and safety.

Cannabis Training for Individuals and Teams

Dale encouraged individuals to invest in their own training to break into the industry.

“You really can set your own future,” she says. “Mississippi has set its laws so it’s open for ingenuity. You can quickly work your way up in these new companies and in this new industry.”

She also discussed why it’s crucial for dispensary owners to train their staff.

“Investing in your team is how you also invest in your future as a company. It will only improve your bottom line,’ she says. “That employee loyalty that comes when you invest in them transfers to customer loyalty. This is how you get that market edge and I strongly recommend it.”

Watch the full video below.

Learn more or enroll in Oaksterdam’s training for Mississippi medical cannabis dispensary workers here.

Image of Dale Sky Jones in WLOX interview

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