Why did you attend OU?

I attended Oaksterdam with aspirations of starting an edibles company. I wanted to learn about the legality, operations, and best practices from the very knowledgeable faculty.

How it helped or inspired you?

The edibles plan changed when I met Debby Goldsberry, ambassador at Magnolia Wellness, and Dave McCullick, owner of Sonoma Patient Group. I quickly realized that there was a ton of challenges in running a dispensary because of the lack of industry specific tools. I wanted to use my background in technology and startups to build tools for the dispensaries and at the same time make it easier for patients to order from them. We built Meadow and our goal is to work with the best dispensaries who have quality service and medicine.

What you would tell prospective students?

There is no better place to get an education in the cannabis industry than from Oaksterdam University. If you are short on time, I would recommend attending back to back sessions of the Basic and Advanced seminar.