Faculty | Legal & Compliance
Drew Sanchez, Esq.


Drew M. Sanchez is a senior associate and the employment practice group lead at Anthony Law Group where he fights hard to help his clients survive in a landscape that continues to change under their feet. Born and raised in the East Bay, Drew obtained a double bachelors from University of California, Santa Barbara, in Ethics and Public Policy as well as Spanish Literature.  Returning to the Bay Area, Drew obtained his Juris Doctorate from Santa Clara University in the South Bay.  During law school and early in his practice, Drew advocated for the needs of the Latinx community in the Bay Area.  This drive to advocate led to Drew’s involvement in the Cannabis space, working to assist clients with survival in the Industry.  Drew considers the Federal Government’s mishandling of cannabis in the preceding century as one of the great policy failures of the modern era, and Drew has labored to rectify the damaging consequences of unnecessary prohibition. 

In addition to Drew’s extensive work in the Cannabis space as a legal professional, Drew is also an owner of a licensed cannabis operator in Oakland. This opportunity to experience the Industry both as a legal professional and a stakeholder has proven to provide a keen insight into what happens when law and policy actually meet the streets, and this has afforded Drew a powerful opportunity to understand the Industry more completely.

Drew makes his home in Oakland with his partner and young son. Times are tough for dreamers, but Drew continues to believe and work toward what law and policy can and should be, and refuses to be satisfied with the status quo.