Grow Mag Q&A With Mr. and Mrs. Jones

Jeff Jones and Dale Sky Jones in formal attire with Jeff lighting a pre-roll

Dale Sky Jones and Jeff Jones have been referred to as the “First Couple of Cannabis.” Dale is the Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam University and Jeff is on OU’s Horticulture Faculty. The cannabis advocates got married during California’s Prop 19 legalization effort in 2010, staging their wedding at the state Capitol and donating gifts to the campaign. They’ve spent their life together dedicated to making cannabis safe and legal for everyone.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Mr. and Mrs. Jones did an extensive Q&A in Grow Magazine with Writer and Cultivator A.C. Moon. They talked about everything from their first interactions with the plant to where they see the future of the industry. They also discussed whether cannabis makes them better parents, PTSD from persecution, and policies they’d like to see enacted at the federal level along with much, much more.

They also talked about Oaksterdam. Here’s an excerpt of the piece:

What is the single most educational point you feel Oaksterdam can offer to the world?

DSJ: That we can trade cannabis and hemp like any other commodity across the globe. That we can do so in a forward-thinking, ecologically net positive way.

JJ: I think a neat way to weave in what I see in the future is an equity paradigm and lean in to retail everywhere to support safe access for a change. To be able to go down the street where you are right now and go buy cannabis products.

What are your next plans for Oaksterdam? What is “The Dream”?

DSJ: Removing cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 DEA drug schedule entirely (de-schedule). Legal home grow everywhere.

JJ: Retail everywhere.

Get to know Mr. and Mrs. Jones better. Read the full article here.

Photo of Dale Sky Jones and Jeff Jones on stage at the Oakland Theater with microphones against a green backdrop

Dale Sky Jones and Jeff Jones present awards during Oaksterdam’s 15th Anniversary party at Fox Theater in Oakland, California in September, 2022.



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