Horticulture Certification Courses

Our Horticulture Semesters provide the most comprehensive cannabis cultivation education and training available in the industry. Whether you’re looking to enter the industry, advance your career, launch your own business or upgrade an existing grow, this class is for you. Learn the latest technology, environmental controls, and scientific techniques to become more sustainable, ward off pests and pathogens, and increase your yields.

Horticulture Semester (Live)


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This deluxe live classroom experience is the most thorough education available at Oaksterdam University. Classes are held once a week for 17 weeks in real-time, allowing you to network with students from around the world and interact with our expert faculty. You’ll also get the opportunity for virtual field trips, grow labs, and special events. As the highlight, you will work as a team on a Capstone Project based on real-world parameters and feedback from leaders in the field. You’ll finish with an OU certification and a custom grow facility design, ready to bring your ideas to life.

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Horticulture Semester (Fast‑Track)


This new live classroom experience includes the same curriculum, lectures, and networking as our live Semester, but in a shorter time frame without the Capstone Project. Meet with your instructors and classmates from around the world twice a week for 8 weeks via video conference to learn the most cutting-edge information available in the industry. Interact with your peers and have your questions answered in real-time. You’ll get the knowledge, connections, and certification, in an accelerated environment, to start your career in the exciting world of cannabis.

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Horticulture Semester (Self‑Paced)


This self-paced course can be done on your own time, from anywhere in the world. Simply log on and take the modules at your own pace. The course consists of the same curriculum as our Live Semester, developed by our professional faculty, and provides companion material and recommend reading you may follow to take a deeper dive. It also includes a video and resource library complete with lectures taped during our Live Classroom experience, to appeal to different learning styles. Students have 180 days to complete all the required materials and mastery exercises.