Announcing: New Home Grow Course

photo of greenhouse with cannabis and tomatoes

Oaksterdam University is excited to launch Home Grow — a brand new self-paced virtual course designed especially for the DIY cultivator that provides aspiring cannabis growers with the tools needed to successfully achieve their home cultivation goals, whatever they may be. This course covers essential preparation, equipment, growing media, the plant’s life cycle, nutrient and water needs, pests and pathogens, lighting, harvesting, processing, home extraction, sustainability, and more. The knowledge applies to indoor and outdoor grows of all sizes.  

Whether growers wish to start a few plants in an indoor tent, or add cannabis to an outdoor garden, the principles of this course apply. In keeping with Oaksterdam’s legacy of providing quality training for the cannabis industry, this course covers the fundamentals of growing healthy plants from seed to harvest, incorporating the latest technology, techniques, and sustainable practices for success.  

Curriculum includes:

  • Essential Prep
    • Fundamentals of Growing Cannabis
    • Home Grower Rights and Responsibilities
    • Planning and Setup
  • Getting Started
    • Growing Mediums
    • Starting Your Plants
    • What Should I Grow?
  • Growing Your Plants
    • Vegetative Growth Stage
    • Feeding and Watering
  • Optimizing the Growing Environment
    • Natural and Supplemental Lighting
    • Air Circulation and Climate
  • Pressures in the Garden
    • Common Pests
    • Common Pathogens
    • Prevention, Treatment, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
    • Troubleshooting Nutrient Issues
  • Flowering and Maturity
    • Transition
    • Late Flowering Techniques
  • Harvest and Post-Harvest
    • Harvest and Processing 
    • Preparing for the Next Crop
    • Home Extraction

The Home Grow course can be taken online anytime, anywhere. It includes readings, videos, extensive supplemental materials, and links to resources vetted by Oaksterdam experts. It is available now for the introductory price of $295 (regularly $420). 


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