Jahful Price

Jahful Price
Date of Courses: S20160504
Courses: Classic semester

Why you attended OU?
Even more important, the main reason I decided to attend Oaksterdam University: I knew I wanted to take courses which specifically focused on the Cannabis industry. In addition, I wanted to learn how to grow my own cannabis starting from a seed; how to transplant clones; and, how to start my own cannabis dispensary business.

What have I done since graduating from OU?


I started Cannabis On Fire! – a combination cannabis cultivation and delivery business, based in Oakland. The cultivation side of the business is a collaboration with Nug – one of Oakland’s premier cannabis business built on innovation, quality, accountability, and fun. They specialize in a seed-to-sale product line available in user-friendly packaging that utilizes icons and color-coding. Through my company’s business relationship with NUG, CannabisOnFire.com will be in the position to offer a guarantee on pure quality products at affordable prices; thanks in large part to Nug’s vertically integrated cultivation, extraction, and distribution system. Nug’s single source operation will allow us to offer a diverse product line all the while having certainty in the consistency of the cannabis products.

In addition, the delivery side of my startup is a collaboration with Calyx Brands – a one-stop-shop for distribution, transportation, marketing, and promotional cannabis needs. They serve as the link between cannabis products producers and retailers, and they have utilized this to cater to both sectors. Calyx’s business model is widely appealing since it allows retailers to purchase more than one brand from a single distributor, significantly cutting down on the amount of time that the retail store employees spend on orders. It also eliminates suppliers arriving at different times of the day, keeping employees free to give more time and attention to customers. It is convenience at its best.

How it helped or inspired you?
In fact, my initial goal once I received my certificate was to use my training and the knowledge that I gained from the instructors and staff at OU. This life-changing experience inspired me to pursue my goals, for example, to open my own cannabis cultivation and delivery dispensary, and to tell the truth about the benefits of the cannabis plant as an alternative medicine source. In addition, my experience at OU taught me, how to be an advocate, as well as, an activist for cannabis, and why it is important to be able to provide patients with an alternative medicine source.

What would you tell prospective students?
In closing, I would tell prospective students, if you really want to learn about the Cannabis industry, the history, and jumpstart your career in the cannabis industry. Then I would say: OU is the right training institute to attend; because, this is a school which has proven it can provide its students with a solid education; and, the necessary skills that you will need to pursue a career in the cannabis industry.

Most importantly, Oaksterdam is a place of never-ending knowledge. When I walked through those doors I did not know what to except. However, I knew from the first class that my mind was open to learning everything that Oaksterdam University had to offer me.

As a result, the Cannabis education that I received at OU, gave me the necessary confidence, as well as, the skill set, that I needed to pursue my dreams. I took that leap and started my company Cannabis on Fire an investment startup of Nine Mile Tribe, LLC. By establishing this company, it has helped me to secure a paid internship with a major cannabis company.

It is my opinion, had it not been for the education that I received at OU. I would not have been able to develop an Oakland Equity Cannabis Company nor would I have been able to position my company on the forefront of the cannabis industry in Oakland. A company that is poised to offer licensed delivery services at its own cultivation facility, employing special events for its product brand, Cannabis on Fire.

Furthermore, if you believe, you can achieve; then you have what it takes to build a career for yourself in the cannabis industry. In closing, I firmly believe that if you are willing to learn the fundamentals of the Cannabis industry that OU teaches you. Through perseverance, and hard work, you can develop a career for yourself in the Cannabis industry, especially if you are willing to work hard and invest in your education.

Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/cannabisonfire
Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/company/cannabisonfire


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