Faculty | Science & Therapeutics
Mitchell Colbert


Mitchell Colbert has been a cannabis legalization advocate since he was busted for possession at 19 and saw the waste and racism inherent in the system firsthand. He used his privilege to fight for drug policy reform and cannabis legalization, working as a regional director on 2010’s Proposition 19 legalization campaign. He spent half a decade working at Harborside, primarily as a budtender, where he helped thousands of patients effectively use cannabis medicine.

As a journalist, Mitchell has written over 100 articles for over a dozen outlets, including High Times, Leafly, Cannabis Now, and Hemp Magazine. Since 2018, he has lobbied around the US to legalize the recycling of cannabis waste, specifically vape waste, and currently is the Head of Social and Environmental Impact for Vessel. Mitchell is also the Executive Director of the Ethical Data Alliance, a non-profit using blockchain to better protect cannabis data and further cannabis research.