Natalie Darves, M.B.A.

Professor: Sustainability, Soil Science and Organics, Outdoor Horticulture, and Irrigation

Natalie Darves has spent her entire adult life as an advocate for social reform, sustainable horticulture and community development.  She holds an Honors B.A. from the University of Oregon in Sociology.  Natalie extensively studied Criminal Justice Reform, American Drug Policy and Race Relations in her undergraduate work.

Following a major injury, Natalie landed on an outdoor medical cannabis farm – for what was supposed to be a short stint before continuing her undergraduate research.  She worked with an outdoor collective during the fall harvest period, and returned year after year to this same community of people, eventually completely changing career tracks to stay in this industry.  Ten years later, Natalie has emerged out of the woods of Northern California as a leader in sustainable outdoor cannabis horticulture.  Natalie has worked with various dissolved and current outdoor cannabis cultivation groups on policy reform and Best Practice farming models. She is a certified Master Gardener, and proponent of closed-loop “beyond organic” horticultural models.

Natalie holds an Executive M.B.A. from Sonoma State University, with an emphasis in Wine Business.  Pursuant to her support of small artisanal craft farming, Natalie believes in promoting horticultural and progressive business compliance models that emulate the meteoric California Wine industry.  She is the CEO of Cougar Acres Consulting, and her firm specializes in Sustainable Horticulture and Progressive Business strategies for current or burgeoning cannabusinesses.  In addition to her skills in horticulture Natalie specializes in public relations management, media content creation, brand positioning, corporate strategy, operations, leadership and team building.

Natalie is passionate about education, social reform and promoting community development.  She is honored to be a Professor at Oaksterdam University.

Natalie Darves can be reached at: