OU Recogized in 2023 Clio Cannabis Awards

Oaksterdam University has been recognized in the 2023 Clio Cannabis Awards.

“We are extremely honored that the Clio Cannabis jury voted collectively on the creativity of our work from Clio,” says OU Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones. “It’s testament to the hard work of our team in creating high-quality content to educate people on cannabis and help them grow in the industry.”

Grow As You Go

Our free seeds campaign with Homegrown Cannabis Co. was honored on the shortlist for Partnerships and Collaborations.



Budtender’s Guide

The Budtender’s Guide got shortlist accolades for Branded Entertainment & Content, Published & Printed Materials.



I’m High Right Now

Dale Sky Jones is also affiliated with Bronze Winner “I’m High Right Now” by the Cannabis Media Council, in the Integrated Media Category. Dale was a founder board member of CMC.



Clio Cannabis Awards

Expanding on Clio’s enduring reputation for establishing best-in-class programs honoring creative ideas in a variety of specialized verticals, Clio Cannabis celebrates the creators at the forefront of cannabis marketing and communications. Launched in 2019, Clio Cannabis sets the bar for creative work in a rapidly growing industry, builds a greater understanding of a developing category, and elevates creative contributions from top talent and agencies.


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