OU x Plant EDG: A Focus on Cannabis Education

Oaksterdam University prides itself on providing the highest quality training in the cannabis industry. Our newest educational partnership has OU “training the trainers” with Plant EDG

Based in Los Angeles, Plant EDG teams up with brands to provide cannabis education to consumers at dispensaries and cannabis-related events. 

Loely Burgos, the founder of Plant EDG, says she is eager to join forces with Oaksterdam to help spread the word about OU’s programs, co-host educational events, and hire OU alumni. 

Obviously, our missions and goals are aligned when it comes to education,” Burgos says. “I’m looking forward to a long partnership.”

Loely’s Cannabis Journey and Passion for Education

Loely’s journey with cannabis began in 2017 when she decided to wean herself off several medications, including antidepressants. She takes pride in being pharmaceutical-free today and attributes this transformation to discovering the healing properties of cannabis. Coming from a conservative background, Loely initially felt she had to conceal her use of the plant. 

“At that time I was living ‘behind the leaf,’” she explains. 

A turning point came when Loely was faced with taking care of a woman battling a terminal illness. Cannabis provided the young mom with relief before she passed away, and Loely became dedicated to educating others about medicinal uses of the plant. 

“That started me down the divine process of letting go of stigmas,” Loely says. “She was so grateful, and that led me to understand I really wanted to work in cannabis and have face time with patients.”

Loely entered the industry as a brand ambassador for Heavy Hitters, and after a few months of learning the ropes, became an independent contractor repping brands like Brite Labs and Tikun.

“I said ‘yes’ to every job that I was asked to do in Southern California. I went up to Santa Cruz, down to San Diego, through the desert. I never said ‘no’,” she says. “I loved being in the shops, getting to know the budtenders, the customers, and the community. I’m known as the education lady when I walk through the door.” 

Becoming an Entrepreneur with Plant EDG

In 2020, Loely took the next step in her cannabis career by launching Plant EDG. The company functions as an agency of sorts, providing field marketing, educational workshops, and field marketing reps to help get the word out about cannabis products far and wide. 

“We’re focused on consumer education work with brands who don’t have collateral to hire an in-house team,” she explains. “We have a network of independent contractors who are all veterans in industry — budtenders, cultivators, and extractors.”

Their goal is to provide education, share the joy of cannabis, and bridge the gap between the industry and individuals aspiring to enter it.

Expanding Cannabis Education with Oaksterdam

Plant EDG’s partnership with Oaksterdam opens new avenues for expanding its educational initiatives. Loely will refer her contractors to Oaksterdam’s online classes, while tapping into Oaksterdam’s alumni network to recruit new Plant EDG team members.

She also hopes to relaunch Cannabis 101 Workshops in conjunction with Oaksterdam. The workshops aim to educate consumers in dispensaries about various cannabis-related topics, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, delivery methods, and more. By empowering consumers with knowledge, PlantEdg and Oaksterdam strive to eliminate misconceptions and ensure informed cannabis purchases.

Preserving the Legacy of Cannabis

Loely understands the importance of preserving the legacy of cannabis and ensuring that younger generations comprehend its history. 

“We want younger kids to know it wasn’t always like this,” she says. “They need to understand the journey.”

She acknowledges the pivotal role that organizations like Los Angeles NORML and individuals like Cannabis Attorney Bruce Margolin have played in shaping the current state of cannabis. She believes there is still work to be done and is dedicated to educating others about the past to appreciate the present.

Aligned Values and Respect for the Culture

Loely’s personal journey and passion for education have led her to create a network of like-minded individuals dedicated to providing valuable cannabis knowledge. Through Plant EDG, they connect with dispensaries, brands, and consumers, staying at the forefront of industry developments. Their commitment to maintaining certified field marketing representatives ensures that they offer the most up-to-date and relevant information to those seeking guidance.

What captivates Loely the most about Oaksterdam is its commitment to the philosophy that “slow and steady wins the race.” She admires how Oaksterdam aligns itself with industry leaders and has a long legacy of advocacy and social justice. 

This shared value system resonates with her.

“We’re not trying to be trendy. We respect the culture,” she says. 


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