City of Oakland Race and Equity Technical Assistant Program – Advanced Security: How to Survive a Security Incident


This course is part of the City of Oakland Race and Equity Program.

Each time an Oakland Verified Equity Applicant (“VEA”) applies for a new or follow-on Equity Grant or Loan; they will be required to take an Oaksterdam elective course or webinar and pass a quiz to show completion. This GRASS Elective or Webinar is free to the Verified Equity Applicant to pinpoint areas of interest or drill down to fill particular knowledge gaps.

Course Overview

Advanced Security - How to Survive a Security Incident
Presented on August 3rd, 2022
How to survive a serious security incident, recover your losses, and return to business as usual. Identify the most common risks and liabilities associated with serious security incidents, such as burglaries and robberies. Evaluate the costs and benefits of additional security measures, such as upgraded video surveillance systems and additional guards. Explore the pros and cons of having armed guards on-site at a licensed cannabis business. Recognize the exclusions and policy requirements that often prevent cannabis operators from filing a successful insurance claim after a security incident. Understand the importance of negotiating vendor contracts.

SME: Chris Eggers - Moderator: Dale Sky Jones

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