This free, self-paced course defines advocacy as a form of marketing, reviews the role of advocates and organizations in normalizing cannabis adult-use by achieving meaningful pro-cannabis policy reform, and then provides strategies and techniques for engaging effectively as an advocate. The course concludes with an exploration of the recent influx of influential investors in the cannabis industry and the surprising interest from former political opponents. Students have 180 days to complete this course.

Course Overview

Advocates, who in the past risked arrest and prosecution to educate the public about the benefits of cannabis and provide medicine to patients in need, have played a central role in the creation and evolution of the cannabis industry.

At Oaksterdam University, we believe it is the responsibility of all those who have an interest in the cannabis industry to support advocacy efforts. We live in a participation-based democracy, and advocating will help generate acceptance across the local, state, and federal levels of government. This why we are proud to offer this free course on Advocacy.


  • The Importance of Advocacy
  • Federal Drug Policy and the Supremacy Clause
  • Value of Engagement and Effective Advocacy Strategy
  • Looking Forward to the Future of Cannabis Advocacy
  • Advocacy Optional Project: Explore Advocacy Opportunities