Cannabis Business Management Training

Course Curriculum

The Business Management certification is designed for people who plan to manage all or most of the operations of a licensed cannabis business but are not entrepreneurs or business owners. It is customizable to individual state, provincial, national, or Tribal laws and regulations upon request. It includes ten online, self-paced course modules that cover:

Course Modules:

  • Federal vs. State Laws
  • Public Health & Hygiene for Managers
  • The Effects of Cannabis & Consumer Safety
  • Cultivar Selection
  • Products, Methods of Ingestion & Dosing
  • The Supply Chain
  • Customer Service
  • Business Management
  • Branding & Marketing
  • The Hemp Industry

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how federal and state laws influence business operations
  • Know how to manage employee hygiene and facility sanitization
  • Understand how supply chain regulations influence products available
  • Understand how to manage a compliant cannabis business and build compliance into standard operating procedures
  • Know how to navigate local, state, and federal laws regarding advertising and marketing
  • Know the difference between hemp and cannabis and the impact of legal hemp markets on cannabis markets

About Our Self-Paced Electives

Self-Paced Programs are asynchronous, meaning you may log on and complete the courses anytime, anywhere that is convenient for you. You can access the course online as soon as you enroll.

Programs consist of reading materials developed by our expert faculty, accompanied by videos, texts, and recommended resources.

All self-paced programs include live links to a wealth of information that allow you to dig deeper into subjects of particular interest.

Each program also includes a Virtual Video and Resource Library with corresponding recorded lectures from our faculty.

Self-paced students receive access to virtual field trips, grow labs, the Oaksterdam Alumni Network, and more.

Completion of all requirements results in OU certification.

Cannabis Business Management Training

Certification Program


Cannabis Business Management Training Certification Program – This course is only available online. There are no scheduled times. You may complete the modules at your own pace and have one calendar year to complete the course. A certificate of completion may be printed upon passage of the final exam.

Cannabis Business Management Training Certification

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