Cannabis, Pain & the Opioid Crisis


This free, self-paced course has been designed to provide you with trusted curated information as a platform to do further research on the relationship between cannabis and prescription pain killers. Students have 180 days to complete this course.

Course Overview

This self-paced course will discuss key concepts surrounding the safety and efficacy of cannabis for pain mitigation, and explore the emerging data demonstrating that cannabinoids may potentially act as either an effective adjunctive treatment or as a substitute for opioid-based medications. It will then provide an overview of the clinical data assessing the substance’s analgesic properties, and also examine prescription drug use trends among chronic pain patients treated with medical cannabis. More limited data assessing the potential role cannabinoids may play in reducing certain drug cravings will be considered, and their possible role in treatment outcomes among those with an opioid dependency will also be discussed.


  • Pain Management
  • Cannabis Benefits for Patients
  • Mastery Exercise for Cannabis, Pain, and the Opioid Crisis