New Jersey Cannabis Retail Dispensary Training

Course Curriculum

Cannabis retail dispensary workers are the front line of the cannabis industry and help navigate product options for customers. They must understand how cannabis and cannabis products produce their effects and be able to convey dosing and safety information to customers.

A core element of working in a cannabis dispensary is familiarity and compliance with state law.

This course provides dispensary workers in New Jersey with the required knowledge to comply with state cannabis law and provide accurate, lawful information to their customers. It includes an overview of state laws and regulations, the supply chain, and key regulations on cannabis use and sales. Workers who complete this course will have a basic understanding of New Jersey state cannabis law and will understand best practices, safety procedures, proper handling of cannabis products, and possession and purchase limits. Acquiring proficiency in this course will allow retail workers to act in their roles with knowledge, security, and professionalism.

Course Modules

  1. Federal vs. State Laws
  2. New Jersey Laws & Regulations
  3. Cannabis Dispensary Worker Foundations
  4. Hygiene for Retail Workers
  5. The Effects of Cannabis
  6. Cultivar Selection
  7. Products, Methods of Ingestion & Dosing
  8. Customer Service

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission as the regulatory agency that oversees cannabis laws
  • Be familiar and comply with New Jersey cannabis laws and regulations and how to communicate about them with customers
  • Identify the agencies responsible for regulating cannabis in New Jersey and know how to contact them
  • Have a basic understanding of the New Jersey cannabis supply chain
  • Know who is qualified to purchase cannabis in New Jersey
  • Know the cannabis purchase and possession limits in New Jersey

An Oaksterdam University certificate of completion may be printed upon passing the final exam.

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New Jersey Cannabis Retail Dispensary Training

Certification Program


Oaksterdam University’s New Jersey Cannabis Retail Dispensary Training provides the most comprehensive education for pursuing a cannabis dispensary worker career in full compliance with New Jersey state law. This online course consists of educational resources developed by industry leaders and pioneers.

Certification Program – This course is only available online. There are no scheduled times. You may complete the modules at your own pace and have one calendar year to complete the course. A certificate of completion may be printed upon passage of the final exam.

Cannabis Retail Dispensary Training for New Jersey

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