Consuming Cannabis Safely


As a cannabis advocate, budtender, caregiver or entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to introduce people to the plant safely. This self-paced virtual course will give you an understanding of how cannabis affects the human body, the safety and efficacy of medical uses, and the pros and cons of various methods of ingestion.

Course Overview

This self-paced virtual course begins with an introduction to cannabis science, continues by examining the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis, and concludes with a deep dive into methods of ingestion and delivery systems.

We begin by introducing the endocannabinoid system and explain how cannabinoids act upon this system. We identify primary cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, discusses their therapeutic utility, and highlight the importance of the ‘entourage effect.’ We also addresses the safety profile of medical cannabis, established clinical benefits of cannabis-based therapies and their side effects, as well as situations for which it may be contraindicated and not recommended.

From there, we discuss key concepts surrounding the safety and efficacy of cannabis. We provide an overview of the existing scientific literature, and insight into how conventional medications are assessed for therapeutic efficacy and acceptable safety. We then apply these same concepts to the cannabis plant. We also briefly highlight some of the more established clinical benefits of cannabis and provide a basis for the potential use of cannabis-based therapies to modulate the progression of various diseases.

Finally, we discuss methods of ingestion and delivery systems. There are many ways to consume cannabis, and they all have different pros and cons, which advocates need to understand and communicate. We cover the various types of cannabis products on the market and the methods of ingesting those products, including vaping, smoking, edibles, topicals, and more. Knowing the different ways to administer cannabis, the tools needed, and the processes of making cannabis products are crucial to having a full understanding of the cannabis industry.