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In this self-paced virtual course, we discuss how to grow cannabis safely and remain compliant with state and local regulations. We introduce the foundations of cannabis botany and discuss the choice between growing from seeds or clones. Then, we cover how light and nutrients affect the growth and development of the cannabis plant during the vegetative growth stage.

We start the course with a look at cultivation safety and compliance, identifying places where cannabis cultivation is permitted, and taking a brief look at the process of obtaining a license for commercial cultivation and the regulations you need to follow as a commercial grower. We walk through mandatory security measures and how to run a discreet operation, as well as potential hazards and how to address them.

Then, we move to an introduction to cannabis botany — the physiology of the plant, its life cycle, and the environments in which it is cultivated. We compare and contrast outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse cultivation environments, and explore the primary methods of cannabis propagation.

From there, we talk about how to cultivate cannabis from both seeds and clones and discuss the pros and cons of each. We demonstrate techniques for sprouting and sowing seeds and identify the optimal environmental conditions for germination. Then, we examine the practice of cloning and its application.

We learn how to assess the health of clones and highlight the importance of quarantining new clones and acclimating them to a new growing environment.

Finally, we explore the vegetative growth phase. We discuss how light and nutrients affect the development of the cannabis plant.

We take a closer look at how various anatomical structures of the cannabis plant develop during this phase of the life cycle and the role of each part of the plant in promoting vegetative growth. The class concludes with some best practices for transplanting and techniques for influencing the growth pattern of your plants, such as pruning, training, and topping.

About Our Self-Paced Electives

Along with many major institutions, we have refocused our educational services to online and remote learning environments so you don’t need to come to Oaksterdam, OU will come to YOU! This is an excellent way for you to build competency, qualifications, and confidence in your skillset immediately.

The live-classroom is an orchestrated blend of technology designed to provide the best student experience. Students will have access to the online course materials through a sophisticated Learning Management System with Mastery Exercises, Quizzes, and Exams to ensure comprehension.

The live-classroom environment expands upon the asynchronous online programs by also delivering live interactive lectures, demonstrations, and workshops led by our faculty of professional lawyers, cannabis growers, and business owners. Students can ask questions, participate in discussions, break out into working groups, interact with one another, and our Horticulture students can also show the instructors their own garden and plants to receive feedback on their progress!

Our live-environment provides the most comprehensive online cannabis learning experience available anywhere in the world.

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In this self-paced virtual course we discuss how you can grow cannabis safely and remain compliant with state and local regulations. We introduce the foundations of cannabis botany, the process of growing from seeds or clones, and how light and nutrients affect the development of the cannabis plant during the vegetative stage.


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